The bet system is for soccer prediction tips the football matches based on the statistics. The site gives the soccer predictions for all rounds of the leading leagues. It is generated by the mathematical and algorithm analysis. The massive databases of the soccer and football statistics are over than the 70 world leagues for the past decade. The algorithm calculation is likely the outcome for the percentage, score, and average goals in the match. By treating the factual factors of mathematical formulas, a bet consists of full information, while the predictions are below. The probability percentage is for the outcome. There are home win, draw, away win of the certainly match.

The soccer prediction tips are correct score calculated by factors. The match and teams history are compared in the current form. The average all goals in a game are estimated the goals number per matches. The stories over the last decade are constant with the provisional form. The bookies offer the best bet odds for the match. The column calculates about the best betting based on the famous criterion. The information of the new actual outcome will serve the relationship with the known predictions. The project of bet will prove the scientific value.

The site has been started as a research and thesis in a mathematic department from the trustworthy university under the specialist and tutorship. The bet tries to get all the information as you wish. It is needed for your prediction. Based on the accurate calculated soccer prediction tips and a decade statistics, the page presents more valuable tips and information. For the match previews, there are the team tips, betting articles, and many more bet data. The goal is a large soccer portal to assistance to all fans of football. There, you can find all information you want. It is needed to make the successful soccer bets. Moreover, the mathematical rules are standing in the page. It can be created in the links section. Call for Bet by the Asian Handicap Soccer Prediction Tips


The site for soccer prediction tips must relate to the Asian Handicap. The Asian Handicap is the famous world class betting to define the handicap wagering. It is used frequently with soccer, football, and ice-hockey betting. The handicaps are typically various from the quarter of the goals (-0.25) to the several of the goals (+2.5). The term has been called after the eastern originals. The Asian bet has increase the popularity extremely through the past years. Todays, the bet company can be found in every betting company lists. The Asian Handicaps have the probability of draw from the typically giving. If you want to make a betting, please check the relation site to the Asian Handicap for reliability result.

At least, there are a half of the goal benefits and competing teams. If the handicaps are in +0 and the teams are draw, the prize will be repaid to the player. The same situation occurs if a handicap team is -1, and the team wins by 1 goal. The handicap may be in the +0.25 form, and in this case of half, the site is fixed for +0 and a half for the +0.5. If the team draw a half, it is refunded half and a half other is lost. Obviously, if the team wins by 1 goal and the bet wins, it is the total odds. Usually, the half goals of the handicap lines are agreed, both of the bet events have roughly 50% chances realize. The information is useful for the soccer prediction tips.