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Which National Team Will Win 2018 World Cup?

Germany is predicted to defend the title of the 2018 World Cup in Moscow to equal the record of Brazil National Team’s winning times in that tournament. This was the result of opinion polls of Reuters from the financial specialists predicting the movement of the market. In survey on May, 16th to 31th 2018, all members of regular Reuters’ opinion poll from all over the world. The Germany National Team has a high number of opinions in which it got 43 from 143 analysts to lift the trophy in 15th July. Meanwhile, Brasil seeds the second place with 37 voters encouraging the prospect of final between two eternal rivals.

World Cup 2018 Trophy

The Chance of Germany National Team in World Cup

Four years ago, Germany disgraced a host of Brazil with a winning score of 7 – 1 destroying the expectation of fans and Brazilian. They cried and didn’t believe it in Estadio Mineirao Belo Horizonte. Germany is regarded to have a better discipline and skill combination and not dominated by one star player only. But, all team members get a predicate of high star footballers. That is why Germany is predicted to be the winner in 2018 World Cup. Most of the people want Brazil to win because there are many things bet after the failure of Germany in this tournament. It has a big chance to win every match to match in this tournament.

Brazil's National Team

The Chance of Brazil National Team in World Cup

Most of the people think with their heart. Brazil is reckoning to a small number of players especially star footballer, Neymar. This team is great but it is hardly passing to semifinal when you look at the overall team. Argentinean and Barcelona sticker, Lionel Messi, scored more than 600 goals for the senior national team and club, is predicted to win Golden Boot, an achievement for top scorer from this tournament lastly won by Colombian player, James Rodriguez in Brazil.

What About Russia National Team’s Chance?

For the host of Russia, the opinion poll show that it has few chances to keep the trophy of World Cup at home after hosting from that expensive exhibition trophy in 14 June to 15 July. But, most of the respondents said that the country at least will have reached the round of 16 and competition will increase its economic condition. The host of World Cup only lifts trophy five times in the history of 88 – year competition in Uruguay in 1930, Italia four years later, England in 1966, Argentina in 1978, and France in 1988. USB see that a probability of 24% title holder today is Germany. It is claimed to win the final in 15 July with Brazil and Spain to be the possible teams winning this final with 19.8 % and 16, 1% for every chance. agen sbobet

In that survey, Spain got ten votes fewer than the prediction for the team having high performance and consistency winning in the last 2010 World Cup in South Africa. But, to face an opening test to fight for UEFA European Cup winner, Portugal, the match may determine which the team seed the top rank of Group B with the other teams like Iran and Morocco. It sounds interesting to reveal the winning team in 2018 World Cup.

What About Egypt’s National Team?

After talking the host and the most predicted team, it is time to discuss the other teams. Egypt is famous for The Pharaohs and back to tournament after absent for 28 years. This is a prospective team with the best chance to win and make surprises. But, that opinion may change after final of Champions League in the last month when their miracle, Mohamed Salah playing for Liverpool is ahead to Real Madrid, injured. He is doubtful to play for one or more matches for Egypt’s National Team. It means that it loses chances of Egypt to win every match.

Some economists use their skills to use econometric standard model to predict the result of World Cup. The point is rational in this world. One of the teams, Brazil or Germany must win. The prediction of this World Cup’s result may be wrong but one of the places for simulation is giving Saudi Arabia ahead Panama in final. Everything may happen in sports and especially in football.

The Predictions of Four Liverpool Legends about the Winner of World Cup

2018 World Cup is the most waited football event in all over the world in this year. The 21st edition World Cup will be held in Russia in 14 June to 15 July. 32 teams will fight for fighting over a championship title won by Germany in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and beating Argentina in the final match 1 – 0. Four Liverpool legends, Roy Evans, Jason McAteer, Patrik Berger, and Gary McAllister give their predictions. McAllister predict Argentina to be a winner of 2018 World Cup. Meanwhile, McAtter predict Belgia to be a surprising team to lift a trophy of Jules Rimet in Russia. Roy, had been a manager of team supporting England team. Those are some predicted from those Liverpool legends about the winner of 2018 World Cup.

Portugal's Celebration

Portugal’s Prediction to Lift a Trophy of 2018 World Cup

Portugal was the winner of 2016 UEFA Europe Cup in which it is predicted to make a tough competition. If Portugal relies on Ronaldo to be a striker, he will meet a teammate in Real Madrid, Ramos. Portugal tends to depend on Ronaldo making the performance not stable. The high expectation is given to Ronaldo being a miracle to lift that trophy. A huge challenge is ahead to Spain because it was the former of 2010 World Cup winner. The prediction of Portugal is that Spain is able to fight over Portugal and then seed the top place comfortably. Portugal will have passed the group B being runner up after Ronaldo play well. This will be a difficult condition for Iran and Morocco. It sounds to be interesting to know which will win this four – years competition. It becomes the biggest tournament ever in the world.
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Mohammed Salah for the 2018 World Cup

One of the most Liverpool's talented players, Mohamed Salah, admits taht he still cannot forgive Sergio Ramos who cause injury to him. He does not accept the Sergio Ramos’ opinion stating that Salah committed a violation first. Salah adds that it would be a good thing if the person who hurt someone else could also cheer the victim up. He hopes that Ramos can at least ask about his chances of appearing in the World Cup.

The statement hinted that Salah was still unable to receive Sergio Ramos apology. As we know, Salah cannot effectively defend his national team in the 2018 World Cup, because he is still undergoing a recovery process for a shoulder injury that he suffers. Salah hopes to defend Egypt since the group's first phase fight against Uruguay. However, he must get a green light from the Egyptian medical team first before being able to perform.

Leaving The Final Champions League is the worst moment

Salah claims that leaving the Champions League due to a shoulder injury is the worst moment of his career. At that time, he was too afraid of not being able to play in the 2018 World Cup that would be held in Russia. As soon as he left the field, he cried. He was diagnosed with a shoulder dislocation and had to be pulled out.

The injury was quite surprising to the Egyptian public, who had been looking forward to the star’s action at the next World Cup. For his people, Salah is one of the main star players in the Egyptian squad. That is why, it is not surprising if a wave of criticism continued to go toward Ramos as soon as the game ended.

Mohamed Salah wants to recover as soon as possible

Liverpool and Egyptian national team striker, Mohamed Salah, is confident that his condition will be quite fit when his national team join the inaugural match against Uruguay on Friday. Because of this, he is ready to maximize the recovery of his injury. As we know, the 25-year-old suffered a shoulder injury while defended Liverpool in the Champions League last month. However, Mohamed Salah is still expected to recover for the 2018 World Cup during the Group A match.

Most football enthusiasts agree that Salah is an important figure in bringing Egypt to the World Cup for the first time in 28 years. The former AS Roma player confirmed that the Egypt participation in the next World Cup is not just a show.

During the interview, Salah reveals that is team is strong, and all of the players definitely have the same goal of winning. He thinks that's what matters most. They do not only have one strong point, but the main thing is also that they will play as a solid team.

In the 2018 World Cup, Egypt joins in Group A with Russia, Uruguay and Saudi Arabia. Egypt's chances of escaping are considerable when looking at team strength in Group A.

Egypt Prepares Strategies without Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian national team has high hopes for Mohamed Salah in the 2018 World Cup. However, coach Hector Cuper insists that they will find a way to avoid the over-dependence on the Liverpool striker. He explains that Salah is currently racing to recover from a shoulder injury, and Cuper hopes that his star player can recover soon. However, he also realizes that he has to find a solution without Salah. He hopes that the team performance not be too affected and the team will try to be the same team, since they cannot depend on a player.

He continues that the alternative scenario should be ready. He says that in the football world, something like this can happen to every player that is why, he needs a substitute for Salah, but he still hopes it will not be a big problem.

Salah is in the recovery phase, and it will mean that he should try his best to improve his fitness level. It is important to do, because the injury has prevented him from training as a normal player. The talented striker has scored 44 goals for Liverpool during his first season, no wonder if Egypt really hopes he can recover soon. Fortunately, the team gets a very good news from the doctor, that Salah is predicted to be able to play before the game against Uruguay. The team is quite optimistic and is waiting for him. In addition to Uruguay, the Egypt National team will compete with Saudi Arabia and Russia.

A Good News about Salah for the 2018 World Cup

The Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, got a good news about Mohamed Salah's injury recovery. According to the Egyptian presidential spokesman, Bassam Radi, the president was reassured about the chance of the Liverpool striker of recovering in time and his chance to support the team in the 2018 World Cup.

Mohamed Salah is currently in a rush with time to recover his condition, and is undergoing a treatment in Valencia, Spain. Egypt's public expectations of Salah's presence are very high considering that it is the first time for Egypt since 1990 to participate in the World Cup game.

Currently, the Egyptian national team is still in his country and will do the last practice session on Saturday, 9 June 2018 evening at a local time. The Pharaohs – Egypt National team’s nickname – is scheduled to fly to Russia on Sunday, the very next day.

Eden Hazard will give his support to Egypt in the 2018 World Cup

Besides supporting Belgium in the 2018 World Cup, Eden Hazard has another favorite team. Because of Mohamed Salah, Hazard now becomes a supporter of the Egyptian team. He hopes that his Salah, whom he calls as his friend, will be able to return and strengthen the Egypt national team during the next World Cup.

Although there was a concern that Salah could not appear in the World Cup, the Egyptians are quite optimistic that he will be able to play since the first fight against Uruguay. Hazard adds it is, indeed, true that Egypt performance is very different without Salah, but he also admits that the team can still play neatly. He even compares that the team style of playing is very similar to that of Tunisia.
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The Best Jersey in FIFA World Cup 2018

Jersey is one of important items for football player. The jersey not only has to be comfortable but also interesting and eye catching to see. How about the jersey for FIFA World Cup 2018? Let’s check the list of the best jersey for FIFA World Cup 2018.

Nigeria's Jersey


Talking about uniqueness on their Jersey, Nigeria might be the best one. Nigeria is using the combination of green, black, and white. The unique part is on the pattern in which the uniform is full of big and black check mark. Definitely, it is a unique design instead of using plain jersey along with green color. Along with Nike and the football federation team logo, the home kit looks simple and outstanding. Actually it is not a totally new design because it is similar to 1994 jersey. This home kit jersey has been released on February 7th 2018. In contrast, Nigeria is wearing a clean jersey for the away kit. It’s just black along with green football federation logo on the left corner and Nike logo on the right. Again, it shows something simple but eye catching and interesting to see. This is the reason why most people agree that Nigeria’s jersey is one of the best uniforms in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Germany's Jersey


Germany jersey becomes the second best on the list. Both the home and away kits are made by Adidas. The inspiration of the uniform is coming from the past jersey design. The jersey is designed along with white as the base color and it is combined with black for the printed design including the federation logo, designer logo, and the number. Black and white model has been used by German national team since 1990 and designed with modern design for fresher and eye catching outlook. This home kit has been released on November 6th 2017. Interestingly, German national team is about to wear a new away kit. The overall design looks retro along with green color as the base. The away kit is also designed by Adidas and it keeps German players easy to recognize. Although it is a new design but Adidas is inspired from the old design from 1990 and 1994. The combination between green and blue is commonly known as EQT green. The uniqueness and the eye catching element makes this jersey considered as the second best uniform in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Japan's Jersey


Amazingly, Japan is also included on the list of the team who wear the best jersey in FIFA World Cup 2018. The jersey is designed by Adidas and has been released on November 6th 2017. The reason why the design becomes one of the best jerseys is because of the deep meaning. Adidas is inspired by Japanese iconic item, Samurai armor. The combination between blue, white, and red represents their national flag along with blue stripes to give specific pattern. The different is on the use small size of national flag on the left above the federation logo. This home kit is also different because it seems that Adidas doesn’t inspire from any classical design. Moreover, Adidas is also designing a new away kit for Japanese players. Adidas takes a contrast color with the home kit in which the players are about to wear a light grey kit without losing the stripes pattern on the middle of the kit as well as white stripes on the shoulder and the national flag. This kit is known as EQT kit and different to the home kit, Adidas is inspired by the old design from 1990. The logo is using red to make it clearly seen.

Peru's Jersey


Peru is also considered as a national team with the best jersey. Different to the references above, Peru’s jersey is designed by Umbro. Umbro is trying to keep the traditional design along with white as the base and red stripes and also gold stripes on the shoulder. The design is known as Sash design and it is quite familiar for Peru national players. Indeed, there will be the Umbro logo and the federation logo. It is a simple design but eye catching enough to see for their home matches. Interestingly, Umbro is using opposite style for the away kit. In specific, the away jersey is using red as the base color along with big white stripe on the chest and gold trim. The design looks bright and simple for away matches. The simplicity seems to make this jersey is included on the list of the best jersey.

Spain's Jersey


Spain is also performed with a great jersey in FIFA World Cup 2018. It seems Adidas doesn’t want to lose the characteristic and use the inspiration from Spain’s classic kit from 1994. Just like their national flag, Spain jersey is designed along with red as the color base and yellow for the ornament. To make it more interesting, Adidas puts blue and yellow diamond graphic on the right side. Due this unique design, the Adidas logo is moved to the center. The graphic and the yellow trim on the shoulders give something different to this home kit. The away kit is even inspired from the older jersey in which it looks like 1980’s jersey. The kit is using light grey and to give significant contrast, Adidas is applying red color for the stripes and logos. There is no graphic pattern on the away kit and it is exchanged with small stripes along the body of the kit.

Russia's jersey


As the first time host, Russia is supported by an interesting jersey. Adidas is trying to create something simple to the player along with white and red color design. This home kit is inspired by 1988 USSR jersey. The red color is used for the based color whereas the white is used for the stripes on the shoulders and the V neck. In contrast with the home kit, Adidas is using white for the based color. Then, it is combined with blue for the ornament including the stripes on the shoulders, neck, and arm. Instead of designing a clean kit just like the home kit, Adidas is using dot as additional pattern.
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