Harry Kane Believes Tottenham Have Demonstrated Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino explained it as a tricky job because of his Tottenham players and the understatement seems palpable. Their push for the Premier League title has run into Arsenal and also to keep their hopes alive, they need to certainly beat their opponents at White Hart Lane on Sunday. Harry Kane believes Tottenham Hotspur have demonstrated Chelsea the title race is far from over after forcing the Premier League leaders tough in their FA Cup semi-final. Therefore, it had been impossible for the attention not to be caught by Mauricio Pochettino's choice of words as he assessed Tottenham Hotspur's progress because they dropped against Chelsea in the Capital One Cup last, before they confront their London rivals at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday. Pochettino's English isn't the best, but neither is he a fool. His answer seemed calculated. By itself, that adds up to stress of the most extreme selection but the layers of this challenge go deeper. Pochettino's players will realize it's going to be the final derby to be staged in the stadium and the second-last fixture. Manchester United are to see on May. The club eventually affirmed on Friday day they are supposed to decommission the old ground and move to Wembley next season, while the work on their new seat venue near the present site is completed. We've got a massive semi-final in the weekend and we are feeling as good as we have ever done, said Harry Kane, whose goal against Bournemouth means he's become just the fourth player to score goals in three consecutive Premier League seasons. Mentally we are strong. We are feeling ruthless. With Tottenham now just four points behind Chelsea in the Premier League after their loss to Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday, Kane also feels a triumph against Antonio Conte's side at Wembley could gain Spurs at the closing phases of the title race. It might be a huge thing psychologically. Of course it is another competition so it's tough to say, but if we win it may put somewhat more doubt in their own minds regarding the Premier League.


A victory would also enable Tottenham to put their bad record in the national stadium. Including, semi-finals, finals and European fixtures, they've won only one of their previous eight matches there. You cannot ignore it's a derby, with all that means, and we're also playing for one more huge thing, to be living in the title race Pochettino stated. It's a really challenging task to be focused and it is true that emotion is going to be involved perhaps more than in other games. They know that soccer is emotion. It is not going to be new for the group to believe that emotion on Sunday. Some of that is accurate, some of it isn't. For sure this is a amazing time for Tottenham, with the success against Bournemouth on Saturday making it successive top-flight successes for Pochettino's guys at White Hart Lane and further improving the belief that even if they miss out on the title this year, Spurs have what it takes to win it in the not too distant future. They weren't mistaken. Every game, you analyze your personality, your personality and mentality but the fantastic thing in our minds is that there's not any doubt we can win. The most important thing is that the group is so powerful in that aspect. We're so powerful now in our minds. The creation also provides the capacity to adapt Eric Dier, together with the midfielders Victor Wanyama and Mousa Dembélé. With Wanyama accessible again to confront Bournemouth, following a back injury, Harry Kane fit to begin after his knee problem and Son Heung-min in fine form, it is going to be interesting to see what gives. Based on Opta, Eriksen has established goalscoring chances. The next greatest creator is De Bruyne. Chelsea are just four points clear of Tottenham with six games remaining and they can extend their lead when they host Southampton at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday. Kane, who scored a brilliant early header at Wembley, understands that Tottenham will need to show their mettle at Selhurst Park. A great deal of folks will be looking at us now waiting to see what is going to occur and has the momentum kind of stopped a little but we're concentrated, the striker said. We would like to finish strong in the league and also learn from what happened last year. The only way we could do this is beginning with a win on Wednesday. It is one game at a time, not long ago and we must give it everything. That's what we've to see. Nobody really knows until we move out there on Wednesday. I believe we are, I believe we've learned from this past year. Hopefully this is only a blip in what has been a wonderful season thus far. Its a difficult game, Palace away, they have been on a good run recently and it is not simple but we'll fight until the finish. However, the suggestion that Tottenham's improvement since Pochettino arrived from Southampton in May was exceptional and not propelled by spending is somewhat far-fetched. This, after all, is a club that has invested over on recruits in the last 3 decades, with their outlay increasing season by season. Five of those players who started against Bournemouth were signed by the present regime, with six of the seven substitutes having also released on Pochettino's watch.


If you have two players like Christian and Dele, who can play in the wallet behind you have to create a system that could fit them both, Pochettino stated. That's what it means to be elastic. You can see how Christian and Dele use the pocket and the way we create various things to swap them between the left and right and, occasionally, to dump them to build from the rear when teams perform deeper against us. The system and the doctrine helps Christian and Dele a lot. It is in both directions What's for sure is that compared to Chelsea, Tottenham are positively thrifty. Some, like a particular Argentinian working near the Seven Sisters Road, may even suggest it's been artificial. We're playing great football for the majority of the game, we were the better team but for one reason or another we did not get over the finish line. That's what we've to attempt to do. I don't think there is a simple answer to it. It comes over a time period. We must attempt to do that. The White Hart Lane variable cannot be overlooked and though the club stated for certain only on Friday that this could be the last season there, Pochettino said the group had played every game like the previous one. It's far from inconceivable that the west London club will fall points, which would leave Tottenham now four points back eyeing a golden chance. Pochettino was peppered with questions on Friday regarding the meaning of his team completing above Arsenal for the first time in years, which would be ensured if they were to win the derby. He sidestepped this extra strand of this drama, maintaining his line that it wasn't about Arsenal, rather the quest for Tottenham to be better than the rest of the 1clubs from the division. Around derby time there will be discussion of power shifts. I believe that the power is equal, he said.

They're on a run of successive wins in the stadium, with of them having come from the league. The feeling of momentum, along with the link between the players and fans, has become a powerful tool. If there's 1 thing those related to Chelsea don't like it's the claim that their success during the Roman Abramovich era was inauthentic. The most vehement taunts have come from Liverpool supporters every time they've visited Stamford Bridge during the last ten years or so and you only need to check at the banners hailing Chelsea's past heroes that have slowly but surely taken home at the stadium during that time to realize it's had an effect. The conventional, daring swagger is intact and, together with Harry Kane returning too, Tottenham can keep thinking. They might be only on the edge of crazy, of greatness, but their tenacious existence just off the shoulder of Chelsea remains sufficient to maintain the title race enticing. Our fans are so eager and so are the players. That feeling, that energy, that the fans translate into the group, is superb. And it's crucial. They feel very near the team. It's a amazing union which can only benefit the club. Pochettino is preoccupied with wider issues and among the biggest relates to mindset. Will his team manage to manage everything that's thrown their way on Sunday? The supervisor was bullish with his reply.